About Us

The Gentle Healing Place is a retreat designed to provide a place of rest and meditation. A place for rejuvenation and healing. A model for healthful,  joyful living , a place to learn, and experience nature. We provide facilities for organizations and individuals for retreat and educational opportunities. It is a place of discovery, exchange of ideas and love can flourish…

Mission Statement:

The Gentle Healing Place is a retreat that’s purpose is to serve both organizations and individuals seeking solitude or a community experience. Whether a place in your heart, a place that you live, or a place passing through…The Gentle Healing Place is the place that the heart, head and spirit come together. It is a place that will facilitate rest, meditation, reflection, prayer, and education. The goal is to promote holistic healing of the mind, body and spirit. Our aim is to inspire people to make a commitment to healthy living, turning hopes and intentions into the highest enjoyment and purpose of life.